March 7, 2014

Anugerah Ikon Seni Budaya 2013

Apa khabar semua!

Untuk pengetahuan semua, pada minggu lepas, Gema Gangsa UIAM telah dijemput untuk menghadiri Anugerah Ikon Varsiti Berita Harian 2013 di Putrajaya. Datang bukan sebarang datang, datang kami kerana kami telah tercalon dalam satu kategori iaitu Kategori Ikon Seni Budaya. Kami bertolak dari UIAM dengan pengangkutan yang telah disediakan oleh pihak UIAM. Turut bersama kami adalah kumpulan CENSERVE UIAM , dan 2 individu yang turut mewakili UIAM dan tercalon dalam kategori masing-masing.

Alhamdulillah, disaat Anugerah Ikon Seni Budaya diumumkan, masing-masing berasa teruja dan dalam masa yang sama, kami risau jika tidak memenangi anugerah ini. Tetapi, "Kun Fayakun" firman Allah, ditakdirkan Anugerah Ikon Seni Budaya adala milik Gema Gangsa UIAM! Pelbagai perasaan yang menikam jiwa kami. Kami sangat bersyukur atas anugerah yang diberikan.

Terima kasih tidak terhingga kepada Cikgu Ku Zahir atas dorongan, dan semua yang telah menyokong dan mengundi kami untuk meraih anugerah ini. InsyaAllah, kami akan kekalkan momentum dan lakukan yang lebih baik untuk memartabatkan industri irama tradisional melalui Gamelan. Biar tidak lapuk dek hujan, tak lekang dek panas.

February 18, 2014

UIAM Gema Gangsa Recruitment wrap up!

Salam everyone :)

Recruiting for new talented members this semester started early mainly because of the mainboards of Gema Gangsa felt it is a must to search a new players for this semester. It is done with two sessions, on two different days. Alhamdulillah, many turned and an out of mind number of possible who want to try their luck, showed themselves during this audition.

     The first stage of the selection is all about technical, how you digest the beats and scores and let it out as rhythm and melody. The applicants were given 2 instruments which are sarong baron and sarong peking. Each instruments were played by them infront of the "ToT" members. ToT @ interviewers chose "Timang Burung" song during this audition.

Out of more than 30 candidates who showed up during the first stage of new members selection, the best 19  made themselves into the second stage. In this stage, where we held interview session, they are separated into small groups to ease the flow of the interview session. This interview session was conduct by interviewers among the TOT ,while the mainboards only observed the personality, image and the uniqueness of the players.
     Questions were asked regardless of opinion, experiences or even knowledge basis to the potentials and how they responds to each uncertainties, arguments,queries were carefully observed and valued out by the interviewer.
Registration committees ( Paan Bananana & Fida)


Interviewers for Sarong barong ( Hafiz yang tenang, Shiro, Fatin, Min)

Interviewers for Sarong Peking (Tierah, Eza, Mai, Rasul)

Students are being observed

Second interview session
Hafiz showed a demo of Timang Burung

We would like to express our gratitude to all members of Gema Gangsa for giving us your full cooperation and commitment during this semester new recruitment. And also we would like to thank our family, IIUM Acoustic Band, IIUM Angklung Club, IIUM Andeka Caklempong, IIUM Percussion Band and CiTRA for promoting our poster in IIUM ON9 , twitter and instagram. By the way,for the students who've spent your time to attend this audution, best of wishes from us and we are looking forward to see you guys as one of the UIAM Gema Gangsa family members. Good luck.

February 9, 2014

UIAM Gamelan Group(Gema Gangsa), New Intake

 Intersted in performing? Wish to present the melodious melody of your national heritage? Want to be part of UIAM Gamelan Group Gema Gangsa?

     If so, present yourself to the auditions on February 16th 2014  at Conference Room,next to the Gamelan Training Room, CAC from 8:00p.m onwards.

     1) Experienced in playing gamelan
     2) Has basic skills in music
     3) Fast-learner

     If those criteria suites you well, plus an interesting character, you are welcome to join us at the audition.

February 8, 2014

Cultural Night Taaruf Week Sem 2 2013/2014

Assalamualaikum everyone ^^

Welcome to IIUM the garden of knowledge and virtue to the new intake students for Semester 2 session 2013/2014 and welcome back to IIUM guys..

Our club has successfully completed our first event in 2014!!! Alhamdulillah. We come back with the collaboration show for cultural night Taaruf Week Semester 2, 2013/2014. This event has been involved by cultural clubs which are Gamelan Gema Gangsa, Angklung, Acoustic Band, Percussion, Andeka Caklempong, Nasyeed, Theathre, Poetry, and Zapin. There were 10 of our club members who joined this show.

As being scheduled, the cultural night is on 30th January 2014. So, our members who will perform on that night have come back to IIUM on 21th September 2013 to start their training. Totally Gema Gangsa delivered 5 songs on that night, 1 song which is an awesome song composed by our own Cikgu Ku Zahir "CC2CKC@Cari Cari Cuba Kau Cari"(won the 1st place in Gamelan Melayu Peringkat Kebangsaan). While the other 4 songs are "Overture", "Hawaiian Five O", "Ya Rasulullah" and "Puteri Santubong" which were collaborated with all IIUM Cultural Clubs.We have been trained by our beloved plus adorable sifu, Cikgu Ku Zahir who personally train us day and night ^.^

FYI, previously, Cari-Cari Cuba Kau Cari has been played by senior members in Gamelan,who have been practicing and playing that song for a many times. But for this taaruf, junior members have been selected to perform this song,and Alhamdulillah, with all the supports from seniors, they were able to perform a breath-taking performances.
Players of each instruments:-
Gambang - Afiq
Bonang - Paan Hbg & Paan Bananana
Saron Peking - Shiro & Fatin
Saron Barong - Yasmin & Acap
Demong- Pida
Slenthem - Siti
Gong - Piji

Training moments...
"Andeka Caklempong"


Cultural Night..

"Sis Izza is everywhereeeee! "
"To the lefttttt.. To the rightttt.."

"With adorable teacher and lovely seniors"

"IIUM Acoustic band"

"Are you ready? "


      This ta'aruf show was a complete success. Alhamdulillah and congratz to all! Special thanks to Cikgu Ku Zahir, committees, alumnus, players , students/audiences and those who are willing to give us a support directly or indirectly. Mucho gracias uollz!!!We hope, IIUM Cultural Clubs ukhuwah won't fade as the show ended. Let's do our best in the upcoming shows ^.^

* A few feedbacks :-


October 31, 2013

World Gamelan Festival 2013

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

Last month, we have been busy preparing and training for the World Gamelan Festival which was held at Terengganu on 25th till 27th october 2013. Again, for the second time in a year, we went to Terengganu for the same reason, for the same passion, which is Gamelan. But of course, for this time we went there with an intention to learn something new. Fortunately, we got a chance to learn about Gamelan from other countries especially Gamelan from Bali and also from Jawa, the origin of Gamelan. We also got an opportunity to watch and enjoy all Gamelan performances performed by other groups from all over the world which participates. One statement, "they are too awesome!". Well, not much to say,  let the pictures speaks the memories.

"Morning IIUM! ready to go to Terengganu"

Bengkel session for Gamelan Jawa and Bali. 

The arts of Gamelan Bali. *focus on the Gamelan. tehee~*

To Muzium Terengganu we go! * school trip perhaps :)*

The artist. (^^,)

Combination of Gemawan + Gema Gangsa. One fine day, InshaAllah. :)

Our awesome Madam Rahaidah, Officer of STADD.

"Things end. But memories last forever"

Till we meet again. When and where? well, maybe at UKM on 9th November for Festival Gamelan UKM. InshaAllah :) 

September 15, 2013

Taaruf Cultural Night 2013/2014

Taaruf Week has passed. New students had successfully register into our campus. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new undergraduate students. And as a 'welcome party', all members of IIUM Gombak Cultural Club had prepare a little surprise for the new students to have some leisure time during the Taaruf. It is a Cultural Night, a night where the members of cultural show some performances to promote their club and have some fun before starting a new semester. Clubs involved are Gamelan, Andeka Caklempong, Acoustic Band, Percussion, Angklung, Zapin, Dikir Barat, Theatre, Nasyeed, CPC and  also Poetry.

Training session. Well, practice makes perfect.
Preparation for Cultural Night
Poetry guys

IIUM Gamelan Group in action

Awesome guys and beautiful ladies in da house!
IIUM Cultural team

By combining all instruments (gamelan, angklung, caklempong, band and percussion) , we had play three songs together which are Overture (beginning), Symphony 40 and Santubong (ending). Special thanks to Cikgu Ku Zahir for his willingness to train us those songs. Also, greatest appreciation and thanks to all committees of Ta'aruf Cultural Night, trainers, alumnis, performers, club members and those who have support and contribute either direct or indirectly towards the success of Taaruf Week. It was a great night after all. Love you guys! Love IIUM! 

May 24, 2013

Final Exam! :)

"Ijtihad wa la taksal fannadamah 'uqba limayyatakasal." 

(Bersungguh-sungguhlah dan jangan malas kerana penyesalan adalah akibat bagi orang yang malas!)